The Struggle With Trust Essay

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The Struggle With Trust
Trust is like getting water in the Sahara desert, its hard to get. Many people feel that in order to gain trust it takes a series of time. I, unlike other people think that you should give them the benefit of the doubt and trust. I think this because no one has done anything not to deserve your trust so why not give it to them? When I first moved to this school I gave these two girls my trust to be a friend to me. They soon started to turn on me and deserted my trust. This was a situation where you need to learn on your own if a person is able to be trusted or not. Now in this case they shouldn't be trusted but you have to find these things out first.
Even though I feel you should give the benefit of the doubt, you should still be skeptical about things. There are benefits and downsides of trusting as well. One thing that would be a benefit is that you could make people feel welcome. A downside is that you could get hurt or get taken advantage of. Everyone loves to be taken advantage of and hurt! But in all seriousness I feel like people should give others a chance to be trusted. People are not as mad when their trust is broken.
Some people think that Janie was stupid for trusting a man who was a player, but it turned out he was the best thing she had ever had in her life. I guess the meaning of this is that don’t be the snobby person with their head held high and give people chances. You're not naive if you constantly trust people; you…