The Student Fear Factor Analysis

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he First Time College Student Anxiety
In ''The Student Fear Factor, '' Rebecca Cox shares the stories of the first –time college students and what they encountered. " Students can easily arrive at college without understanding what is expected of them and how to meet the expectation,'' Cox writes. Most of the students entering college is terrifying and overwhelming experience. They might have been from different ages, ethnicity, academic background, educational goal or the path to college, student reveal enormous anxiety about their education. Cox writes "The Nature of source of student anxiety and the strategies for managing those fear.The selection of my character is Jenn. She is first time college student. Now I explain here how I related to
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I am come from family who speak language other than English at home or from culture outside the United States with different educationstem. I went to my class As I saw my class work my heart was beating, I was thinking it too hard for me to handle this much work stress. I should drop the college my biggest fear or intimidation was falling course or not feeling confident in passing them. Iam just thinking. It's not real. There is no way college can be this hard .
I was scared about the class work, specially the prospect with of submitting the first graded assignment for each course was the most terrifying part of the semester. But I was continued to attend classes, I was participated in the small group exercise and I was also prepared for in-class quizzes. I was not afraid like I was before. My attitude was changed after I had submitted the first graded assignment. I feel more confident. I completed the course successfully. I was able to overcome my fear without restoring to passive strategies of dropping out. ng confident in passing them. Iam just thinking. It's not real. There is no way college can be this