The Study of the Ocean Rivers Essay

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5 Months later

It's been 5 months since this couples counseling thing, Henry still doesn't know about it from what I heard, oh and guess what Henry and his skank ass girlfriend broke up! Yeap That's right that gold digging bitch is out the fucking picture word around campus is she was taking all his money. I Knew it would happen eventually though anyways. But anyways Mr. Rodriquez asked me to come to his class after I finished with all my classes.

I was just walking out of my last class when I texted Mr. Rodriquez telling him ill be there in 5 minutes. I walked to the class and said Hi To A few people I knew.

I Knocked on the classroom door there was no answer. "UGH REALLY" I groaned rubbing my forehead. I texted Mr.Rodriquez and asked him where he was he shot me A quick text saying come in. I twisted the knob and opened the door sand walked in. There were candles going across the long desk and rose and lily petals on the floor.

"What The fuck, Mr.Rodriquez I didnt come to see you and your wife get freaky." I screamed looking around the room referring to the scenery displayed in front of me. But still no Mr. Rodriquez.

"The Fuck is going on in here?" I said looking around once more. I heard something drop on the floor I looked in the direction but I seen nothing, that's when I start to get spooked. The door locked behind me I turned around to see Mr.Rodriquez locking the door from the outside giving me a thumbs up.

Oh shit this nigga trying to kill me I thought. but my thoughts were soon interruoted when a calm soothing voice said My name from behind .

"Kayla" The voice said behind me. I turned around to see henry with a huge grin on his face holding a dozen of roses. My whole demeanor changed. I shifted my weight to one leg and crossed my arms acroos my chest.

"What do you want.... wait matter of fact what the fuck are you doing here?" I asked with attitude.

"I want you." He said. I did a sarcastic chuckle. "yea okay whatever jokes over let me out the room." i said turning to leave.

"Wait kayla Listen I Know I Fucked up but can i just have another chance." He asked sincerely. I snapped mY head back and looked at him for like 30 seconds i could tell he was serious.

"Oh Now you want to make things work huh? after you basically accused me of doing some fucked up shit, have me kill OUR BABY YES OUR FUCKING BABY BECAUSE YOU FUCKING DENIED IT!!" I screamed at hium. i gave a light chuckle. "To Think I ALMOST KILLED MYSELF OVER YOU, so why you coming running back to me wheres your girlfriend?" i asked smirking.

He Looked Annoyed with the question. "We broke up." He Simply said. "Oh Really Why? What happened." I said putting on a fake puppy dog face. "Don't Play That shit Kayla, Im sure you've already heard." He said through gritted teeth.

I took a few steps closer to him. i could see him tense up. Ipulled him down by his shirt and got on my tippy toes and put my lips against his he tried to kiss me but i wouldnt let him. "Like i told you before youll never Find a bitch like me" i smirked and stepped back walking to the desk where i seen the strawberrys at.

I bit into a strawberry. "Too Bad i didn't miss your ass." i said still trying to do this hard to get shit. He Smirked. "Not From what Ive heard." He said. i stopped eating the strawberrys and looked at him.

"Henry Whatever" He started walking towards me. "Mrs.Rodriquez tells me everything you say