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Artifact #1
The case for strict law and order Kathleen Woodward, 1999, Skylar Hamilton Burris The study of jack though reason and logic. Jack is neither an idiot nor strictly an antagonist as said in the case for law and order by Kathleen Woodward, "But Jack is not without reason. When the boys land on the island, he is very practical" (Woodward 5). It compares this story to a Greek play called Bacchae, written by the one of the 3 greatest Tragedians in that time period, Euripides. The story is about when the Greek god of wine, Dionysus takes revenge for the city of Thebes for rejecting him and his mother who was killed when she was tricked by Hera and is killed because of it. So we now see a match in character between jack and Dionysus "Dionysus, like Jack, can be gentle when he is propitiated, but when he is rejected, he exacts a terrible vengeance" (Woodward 2). At the beginning of the book Jack is helpful and nice but when he is not elected chief he is unsatisfied and feels angry from being rejected and put down like that. So now he feel like he needs to take control and almost all reason flees from him and he is consumed by the lord of the flies aka the devil and the evilness inside us all. Like many writers have said before me destruction is imminent and sanity is temporary. As you work in your groups, you will be responsible for keeping a collective Theme Notebook. Your group will have an electronic ‘notebook’ (a wiki) in which you will store a collection