The Subway Systems In London And Tokyo Essay example

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The subway systems in London and Tokyo

Some transportation systems all over the world on which people depend to travel around the city. These systems help people commute easily and quickly; in addition to that, they contribute to organizing the traffic. Subway system is one of the most crucial transportation systems worldwide, especially in large cities such as London and Tokyo. Although there are good subway systems around the world, the London subway system and Tokyo subway system are considered as representatives because there are numerous people use them, but they are different from each other according to their history, fares and routes.
The first difference is their history. The London underground systems has the longest history in the world. Charles Pearson who was born in 19th century invented the idea of establishing the London underground (Wolmar, 2004, P. 23) . “The first underground railway in the world started with opening of the Metropolitan Railway between Bishops Road, Paddington and Farringdon on 10th January 1863” (Tubeprune, par. 1). On the other hand, the Tokyo subway system has a shorter history. The subway system in Tokyo started to work in 1927; at that time, there was just one private subway line from Asakusa to Ueno, and expanded to Shibuya by 1939 (TOKYO, par.5). Nowadays, the London underground system has a complex and large map, and it is considered the largest subway system in the world. In contrast, the subway system in Tokyo has a smaller