The Successful Completion of My First Aid Course Essay

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Throughout the period of my first aid course I learnt how to; preserve an individuals life, prevent the conditioning from worsening for a certain individual and lastly promote recovery after injury. These were the aims and objectives which were met by the end of the course successfully.
I am now able to deal differently with first aid situations. For example I have good understanding of how to correctly conduct the recovery position with both child and adult. I can also deal with simple everyday hurts and injuries like nose bleeds or falls. These are daily occurrence within a nursery setting therefore through this I put into practice everything I learnt.
For instance the other day a child had a bad wound near her eye after a fall in the playground. I instantly put a cold substance on it and sat her down to calm the pain. This was me bringing my first aid knowledge to practice.
As I am a key worker my role requires me to complete files with observations of each child to a certain standard. I have to complete small as well as long observation of the children’s development which is attained within the setting. All the progress is written in these files with regards to the improvement; physically, mentally and emotionally. This is vital as it is one of the means of contact between both parents and teachers. Therefore it is essential that each file is successfully written. For this to be acquired the manager from the setting has to assess each file and clearly state things that need to be improved and rectified.
A few weeks ago this file check was conducted within our setting at Blenheim. With all key workers under pressure each file was carefully assessed and we were given positive criticism.
The feedback given regarding my files was that the standard of each observation met the requirements (thankfully) as in enough information was given to show the development of each child. However the improvements needed was to include more dialogue of the…