The Sui Dynasty: Gaining Control Of The Northern Parts Of China

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Chapter 12 Questions

1. Wendi created the Sui Dynasty by gaining control of the Northern Parts of China, and became popular by lowering Taxes and establishing grainicaries.
2.The Sui Dynasty rebuilt the democracy and rebuilt the self service exams.
3. The Sui Dynasty ended because of high taxes and forced labor. Revolts then followed the Dynasty, and the rule Crumbled. Yangdi was assasinated soon after that.
4. Unity was saved by Li Yuan who won control of China.
5. The Bureau of Censors watched all officials.
6. High positions in the government were held by people who passed highest exams, all based on depending on there Confucian classics and Chinese literature.
7. Chan / Zen are most into the natural meditation system and natural art styles. It was the easy path of life, unlike Buddhism.
8. Buddhiism became popular because it stressed meditation and appreciation of natural and artist beauty.
9. Empress Wu built Pagodas and Buddhist statues.
10. They convined the Tang to believe that the Buddhist monasteries posed an economic threat to the empire, causing all of the monastaries and shrines to then be destoryed.
11. The collapse of the Tang Dynasty was caused by lack of direction which led to an economic distress and military weakness.
12. The Song controlled issues in the state by increasing salaries, civil service exams were then made a routine. Confucion Scholars class took over the aristocratic and Buddhist rivals.
13.Confucion Ideas and values dominated because new academies for the study of the classics and impressive libraries were founded. They also believed in personal morality was the highest human goal.
14. Neo-Confucians critized Buddhists and Daoists