The Summary of and Response to “the Trouble with Talent” by Kathy Seal Essay

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The Summary of and Response to “The Trouble with Talent” by Kathy Seal

In “The Trouble with Talent”, Kathy Seal, who frequently writes about children and education in magazines, wrote about the way of education in the U.S. which only focused on the value of inborn aptitude could breed children to become artful people and waste many of American children’s potential. At the beginning of this article, Seal told about an experiment of Jim Stigler, who was a UCLA psychologist, which tested the persistence of Japanese and American children by solving the math problem. While the American kids solved the problem for a short time and quickly gave up, the Japanese kids still kept on their work. Stigler stated that Asian education focused to
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This is the wonderful slogan because it means that if you think you can do it, have to keep working and never give up, you will be successful. In addition to my belief about “get smart”, I was recalled an experience which I had with my classmate when I was in the high school in my country. At that time, I still believed that studying hard was key to intelligence, but I considered that learning English or other languages was the natural ability. So I thought that students couldn’t study English very well if they didn’t have the ability of learning foreign languages. I imagined that Thu, my classmate, got a bad score of English subject as a result of her inability of learning English. Surprisingly, the bad score didn’t frustrate Thu, and she tried to studying English from everywhere, such as reading English books, watching English films without subtitle, listening English songs, and learning a lot of new vocabulary. It was amazing that she became one of excellent students on English subject in my class. Since the success of learning English which my classmate got from her effort, I realized that people are not born smart; people are not born the winners; people are not born the losers; people are born the choosers “get smart” or “lose themselves”. Accordingly, I agreed entirely with Seal’s opinion, “Getting Americans to give up their worship of natural