The Sun Also Rises: A Literary Analysis

Words: 1300
Pages: 6

Spring and summer are seasons of love, from late night spring flings to the quaint summer lovers. Radiant warm sunshine and seemingly sweet aromas from the freshly sprouted life that surrounded the sweet air seemed to entice us, flirt with our unknown desires, helplessly but romantically fall in love with the all the wrong people. the desire of forbidden loves is all too tempting for our love hungry hearts. Falling into the whimsical lake of love isn't as graceful as it looks, once we fall in we never know if we’ll escape the swirling unknown depths of love. Unfortunately it was more common than not for one person to fall out of love while the other drowns in the lake of love never being able to resurface. In The Sun Also Rises the unfortunate …show more content…
With them was Brett. She looked very lovely and she was very much with them”(Pg. 28). He never really described the beauty of Brett other than she was “damned good looking” (pg. 30). Jake didn’t really like that she was with other men, but never told her this because he didn’t want to seem like an overbearing love sick fool. While he had admitted many times that he wanted to be with her, there were a couple factors that made the relationship impossible, being that Jake was impotent and lacked the amount of money it costed to maintain Brett’s frivolous lifestyle. Jake and Brett met during the war; he was an injured soldier while she was a nurse at the time. Jake’s injury from the war left him impotent, which means he was unable to get an erection and perform sexually, Sex was very important to Brett and her current lifestyle. Jake was employed at a newspaper which he did very little work for, sometimes he aspired to be a writer but during The Sun Also Rises he never wrote or published. Being that Jake worked very little he wasn’t exactly raking in the cash. Money was also a big part of Brett’s lifestyle because she was always travelling around, taking in the towns and living the lavish lifestyle that was ideal during the 1920’s. Hemingway wanted to encapsulate the images and feelings he may have experienced during this