Essay on The Sun Also Rises

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Chapter 13:
1. They must leave because Jake received a letter from Mike stating that they would arrive on Wednesday. He received the letter on a Wednesday and so they took off on the afternoon bus.

2. Aficionado is a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity. In the context of this book the activity would be bullfighting, the passion for bullfighting. The indication that Montoya has a high regard of Jake is by the way he talk to Jake. Making it seem as if bullfighting is a secret between the two of them only and not to expose it to anyone else. Hemingway demonstrates that Montoya accepts Jake as a fellow aficionado by having Montoya tell Jake that he is an aficionado but that bill is not an Aficionado like
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2. The natives at the wine shop treat the characters each in different ways. For example, the locals did not like Brett. Brett wanted to dance but they wanted her to just be an image to dance around. But when Bill wanted to dance they cheered him on. Also Mike sat with a group of men and they ate. Jake was also like because he offered his wine to many people. Cohn was passed out in the back room. So overall all of the people were accepted except for Brett. 3. “…He knew everything when he started. The others can’t ever learn what he was born with.” “And God, what looks,” Brett said. “I believe, you know, that she’s falling in love with this bull fighter chap,” Mike said. “I wouldn’t be surprised” “Be a good chap, Jake. Don’t tell her anything more about him. Tell her how they beat their old mothers.” “Tell me what drunks they are.” “Oh, frightful,” Mike said. “Drunk all day and spend all their time beating their poor old mothers.” Pg. 172 4. Brett took a strong interest in Romero and could not keep her eyes off him whereas Cohn claimed he would be bored but instead felt very sick. Mike continued to be cruel to Cohn because he kept following Brett. 5. Jake thinks Romero is a good bullfighter because he never wastes a bull he waits until the bull is only smoothly worn down. Also Romero took the bull away from the fallen horse using his cape in a different style