The Superior Decision In The Glass Castle By Jeanette Walls

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The Superior Decision
A person has a choice to follow his personal desire or help others. Both are quite similar yet different in time distances. People can choose to pursue their individual desires in order to help others in the future. People can choose to help others in order to receive help in return for their own desires. A person’s desire could even be to help others. This will not happen every time but an opportunity for a person’s desire could possibly show up. He could take the chance to pursue his desire and experience new things. He could also refuse the decision and continue to do the things he does as his new desire. In the book “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls, there are four siblings who are being raised by two dysfunctional parents. The main character, Jeanette, is stuck between whether she should help her parents or go for her desire. When she finally accepts that her parents refuse help, she goes onto save money to join her sister in New York. If a person follows his desire; it is most likely to come true. If he set his mind to it and even better if he has support, which is one step further to seeing those rewards. In the memoir “The Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls, Lori, the oldest had a desire to go to New York. She received help from her sister Jeanette to build up the money for the ride. The money was then stolen by their father but recovered by a summer babysitting job for two hundred dollars. This shows how a bad situation can be turned upside down. As long as the person works for it no matter how good or bad, their desire is right in front of them. Even if the person’s parents or surroundings are corrupt like in “The Glass Castle”, it can be resolved. Although Lori went to New York, she needed a lot of help. She would have to wait another year to recover the stolen money if it was not for her sister Jeannette. This shows how helping others could be useful. Lori received help from Jeannette while Jeannette received help from babysitting a woman’s toddler. She then receives the two hundred summer babysitting job from the woman. Jeanette gives the job to Lori to recover the stolen money. This also shows how helping others in order to receive help in return could be useful. Although Jeanette helped Lori, Jeanette received nothing in return. She could have used the money to go for her desire but she had no clue of what it was, yet she still goes for it. There are many options to choose whether a person helps or follows his desire. Those options may expand into many choices and paths. If a person receives no help, he can either expect it in…