The Supply Chain’s Significance in Developing an Operations Strategy: Essay

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The supply chain’s significance in developing an operations strategy:

To get an insight in what operations strategy is all about, it is defined as "a set of competitive priorities coupled with supply chain structural and infrastructural design choices intended to create capabilities that support a set of value propositions targeted to address the needs of critical customers." (Operations and Supply Chain Strategy, 2009).

A supply chain consists of multiple organizations linked together in a partnership and their overall goal is to satisfy the needs of the end customer.
As the lecture notes (n.d.) points out, operations manage the activities of the entire supply chain from start to end. Because of the operations management's nature
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The authors also compare the strategies and provide illustrations, which is a very effective way to enhance an argument.
How does the author present his or her original ideas to the reader?
As stated below, the authors present their original ideas mostly first and then provide outside evidence to back it up or complement their ideas with additional views. In the last segment the authors uses all of the background information provided throughout the article to incorporate their own ideas in developing the RSC.
How and where does the author incorporate outside evidence? Is it used at the beginning of the article to provide background on a topic? Is it used to support a specific point in the author’s argument? Is it used to present an idea and then offer an original critique of that idea?
Mostly the authors first state a fact or several arguments which they back up with similar views from a number of authors. Most of the outside evidence is incorporated in the review of the literature in the beginning of the article to provide a solid foundation and background information.
How does the author use citing, referencing, quoting and paraphrasing in the