The supposed relationship between industrialization and architecture Essay

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Yang Zhao
ARCH 5301: Fall 2014
Professor Lily H. Chi
October 018, 2014

In these three theses, three masters talk about the influence which industrialization brings to architecture and the supposed relationship between them, which I think constitutes a process of delving this issue in depth gradually.

In general, they all admit the inevitability and benefits of the arrival of industrialization, which is concluded by Le Corbusier as five points: efficient supporting system, feasibility and merits of roof gardens, liberation for designing in plans and facades, and horizontal windows which provides maximum illumination. However, after all these points, the core spirit of industrialization is economical efficient prefabrication and constructional technical supports which offer architects unprecedented freedom to let their talent operate.

While, the accomplishment of ideal condition above needs a run-­‐in period, that industrialization’s taking too important status in the early stage and the unawareness of all these new techniques bring architects into a real dangerous condition of losing the grip of designing and executing buildings, which is proposed by Walter Gropius. He thinks the satisfaction of psychology and fulfillment in the technical level in architecture have the same importance. So, in this certain age when scientists, engineers and architects all take part in buildings, the solution is teamwork. Voluntary participations from different experts and exchanging of their professional knowledge should proceed in the process of designing. And two requirements for architect