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Javin Ortiz
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November 7, 2011

The tale of “Bloody Mary”

Do you believe in Bloody Mary? Do you believe that chanting “Bloody Mary” three to a hundred times in front of a candlelit mirror will summon a vengeful ghost? The legend is if you go into a bathroom and look into a mirror with the lights off and chant “Bloody Mary” women will appear and attempt to kill you. I was always interested in this as a child when I finally was brave to do it my cousins locked the bathroom door without me knowing I started to chant “Bloody Mary” so after saying her name three times I started to panic and immediately wanted to leave but I wasn’t able to because of my cousins while I was in the bathroom I never thought to turn the light back on I was genuinely that scared I believed that if I were to turn the lights back on Bloody Mary would kill me right then and their my when my cousins finally opened the door I was in the corner with my head down I waited in the bathroom for about eight minutes.

The history of the game “Bloody Mary” is a difficult one to extract from the large amount of mixed up legends and history that over the years has become the main basis for the story surrounding the game for example if you have ever seen the horror move the candy man the way you awaken that vengeful ghost you chant his name three times in a mirror. The candy man will appear and kill you with his hook.

Over the years more and more people have come an played the game and made the story of “bloody Mary” slightly different each time some variations of the chants you’re supposed to say in the mirror are Calling out "I stole your baby Bloody Mary" into the mirror, Calling out "I killed your baby Mary Worth" into the mirror, Calling out "I believe in Mary Worth" into the mirror turning around between one to one hundred times in front of the mirror, blowing the candle out and calling out to summon the witch in the dark, also some variations of “bloody Mary’s” name are Mary Worth Mary Whales Hell Mary (for the appearance of Satan) Bloody Mary Worth Mary Worthington the most common name is “Bloody Mary”.

There are a lot of stories about “bloody Mary” but The most common story told is that Mary Worth was a witch that lived over 100 years ago who dabbled in the black arts. She was found out and executed. However this does not tie in with a child or baby who is often mentioned in the ritual of summoning her. The other story