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The Taliban

As I started to consider what part of terrorism I was required to write a paper on, it happened to me that I really did not know much about the Taliban group. This group is one of the major terrorist group in today’s world. So I will try and explain this group the best that I can. In combine dissimilar aspects, primary what their rules are, secondary how they treat women, and third what type of a terrorist act they have committed. In the country of Kandahar, this group called the Taliban were formed from a panel of men who got well thought-out in 1994.7. Group of Islamic student who appropriated a fundamental approach to construing Islam. Strict Islamic rules were the core belief of this Group. According to their belief, all men must have beards that must be four figures in length.Second, there will be no music. Finally, all women will not be allowed to do anything except than stay home, watch over the children and clean house. The Taliban group when first started had about twenty to twenty-five thousand men involved.7. This group controlled about 80% of Afghanistan. Earlier to the war no one other than the NMA (Northern Military Alliance) had put up a fight and were rumored of taking down the Taliban.5.The only thing left for the citizen of Afghanistan was to either cave in from the bullying Taliban or turn themselves into the opposing alliance. The NMA wanted to get their country back to the Pre-Communist era, and that was even worse before the Taliban group.
The Taliban beliefs are strict and to the point. If you are caught committing a crime, you are to get the extreme punishment. The Taliban is not afraid to show their force when dealing with criminals. The Taliban regime had turned soccer field into an execution ground for people to see. Men are seen around the stadium with amputated limbs as others are cheering them.2. The Taliban regime is not to be associated with. If a woman is out without her veil, her home shall be marked and finally her husband shall be punished for his wife's mistake or crime in this case.9. This regime firmly expects that a man should have a long beard and could not have their hair short otherwise he will have his head shaved along with being arrested. This regime has some of the most gruesome and frightening rules for Afghan citizen. Shop seller who sells kite will be imprisoned for three days for having fun.7. If a woman is caught singing at any wedding or joyous occasion, then the owner of the house is punished. If images or photographs is found in public then, punishment will be harsh. There is no electricity that would produce any music that would be joyous, and even Christmas cards are to be totally banned and considered to be totally punished. The list goes on with harsh rules and punishment for things we believe are regular met by the people of Afghanistan. The Taliban assertions that they are following the strict codes of Islam, but in reality it seems that the group is just ordering the country to whatever they seem fit. The Taliban requirement is for any merchants would have to scratch out the image of women’s eye on bottles if that bottle is displaying pictures of women. So merchants would have to sell a product with black tape over the women’s image or face a public beating and possible jail time. A cluster of men that run the Taliban regime amazes me on how everything is played out in Afghanistan. Sadly, these men want to bid into the United Nations but can't even have a country where people are not frightened to walk down the street for fear of being stoned or shot to death.
The Second part of the regime that amazed me how the women are ordered under the Taliban rule. No matter where women are going, they are required to wear a burqa veil on them.10. Public stoning to death or public whipping which leads to death is a common type of punishment for women who are caught not wearing a burqa veil out their house.”9. A woman named Sohaila was found walking on the