The Taming of the Shrew and Bianca Essays

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Comparing and Contrasting Shakespeare In my fourth period class, we had to read a play called The Taming of the Shrew written by the famous William Shakespeare. The play was very long, and had a ton of interesting parts to it. Also, in fourth period we watched a movie called 10 Things I Hate About You which was based off of The Taming of the Shrew play. Between the two stories there were many similarities as well as differences. For example, both plays had the same characters, but in the movie Kate’s name was Kat, along with some other name changes. However, Bianca’s name did not change. In the movie, they did not show the introduction part of the play. At the beginning of the play, they showed a “drunken” scene, where in the play they just found the guy and pampered him. In both the movie and the play, Kat or Kate played the character of the shrew. They were both hard-headed princesses who thought they would get anything they wanted as long as they were royal brats to everyone around them. Also, both plays had a character that was set to win over Kate or Kat’s love to marry. Bianca had men who she was in love with, but in the play she could not marry until Kate did. In the movie, Bianca was the favored, prettier sister, and could not date someone unless Kat was dating as well. It was the same concept, just different meanings. There was never a mother in the picture, but the father cared for his daughters very much. In the movie, Cameron is teaching Bianca how to speak French, while in the play Lucentio is teaching Bianca