The Taste of Cannabolism Essay

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The Taste of Cannibalism
“I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus…cook her over low heat …keep her alive as long as possible” the gruesome thoughts of New York City police officer Gilberto Valle. He was recently found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy to kidnap and for illegal use of federal databases. If in fact he would have been able to execute his plan and achieve such a horrifying and immorally indecent act the commitment of murder would have totally taken precedence over the act of cannibalism. Never mind the idea of his desire to devour this woman’s flesh for dinner, there isn’t any law against that. In most parts of the world the consumption of human flesh by another human being is as repugnant as child molestation or maybe even worse, however there are parts of our society that agree to the idea cannibalism for insensible reasons.
The idea that there are no laws against this heinous act is totally unnerving. Due to society’s apparent disgust and fascination with this terrifying subject it clear that cannibalism is a violation of normal morality. This should lead us to wonder if specific laws should be enforced in addition to murder due to the on the ongoing issue of cannibalism. Without any laws set in stone the people with cannibalistic minds have the free will to advertise their horrible intentions. The defense attorney for Gilberto “cannibal cop” Valle stated that one should not be prosecuted for their thoughts and that this was merely the act of roll play or a fantasy. Part of the job of the law is to make us feel safe. Saying that it’s not ok to murder but its ok to eat the victim’s corpse provides no safety from these human predators. Killing someone is cold blood is merely the appetizer for them but the find evil pleasure is eating the human flesh. So why not put stricter laws in place in an attempt to avoid this from happening. Is it because it has been said to be a part of “evolution” or because the person is already dead and has no says over what happens to their remains? No matter the reason it is absolutely unjustifiable and should be considered illegal.
Under certain circumstances cannibalism could be examined as being morally correct. It may appear to be legitimate if it is used as means of survival or if it’s consented to by the deceased. The idea of someone donating their body to cannibals is extremely uncommon, and if the family has any say so it more than like will not happen. There have been rare cases where people have been forced to consume of the corpse of a family member or team mate as a means of survival due to some sort of unexpected tragedy. Although this may be considered being the gray area you can count on the media to certainly find a way of turning it into the shameful deed that is truly is the minute it hits the news. It has also been said that cannibalism can be useful in aiding food shortages in different parts of the world and that it could potentially put an end to starvation. They may be true if food shortage was the real reason that people in the world are starving. There is just no way to condone this type of behavior.
No matter what the degree of the situation is cannibalism will never be accepted as being morally correct. It has been frowned upon for centuries, yet it continues to occur. It has been viewed as a ritualistic practice rather than a crime. Maybe in the next ten decades you will be able to go to the local grocery store and purchase human liver for dinner.
The practicing of cannibalism has been in existence since the Neolithic times; be that as it may, we are no longer living in the days where social taboos control the nations of the world. We live in a society regulated primarily by the government and mandated by its laws. In this modern civilized age, the murder of a person or the use of a corpse for the purpose of consumption by another human in any situation, outside the conditions of starvation, is