The Tea Party Patriots Essay

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The Truth behind the Tea Party Patriots

From the beginning of America’s independence there have always been two main Parties, Republican and Democrat; however there has been a couple of Parties that have been trying to rise up; such as the Green Party, and the Independent Party, resembling to the upcoming of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement is a conservative, libertarian and populist movement. The Tea Party name comes from the 1773 Boston Tea Party when the colonist boycotted the use and damaged the British tea because the British violated the colonist ‘No Taxation without Representation’ act, sort of symbolizing what they stand for. The Tea Party was founded in 2009 because they felt that their ideas, believes and agenda were not being brought to the governments’ attention like how they wished. In the midst of only one year the Party was already able to elect some of their candidates into office, such as forty-one members into the U.S. House, seven members into the U.S. Senate and three members as Governor. The Tea Party movement not only has made a big stir in the Congress and House but also within our society and with our fellow citizens.

There are over 2,800 local groups all over America that support the Tea Party Patriots. Along with more than a dozen protests since their establishment in 2009. On April 15, 2010 the Tea Party Patriots produced the largest Tea Party demonstration yet with 750 cities participating, the event was called Tax Day. Thousands of supporters rallied up in their cities to let it be known that they want for the Government to lower taxes and to limit the power of the Government, which are two main points on their current agenda. In 2010 most of the demonstrations have been against Obama’s reform with our current health care, however many of the signs that the Tea Party supporters bring are not related to the healthcare what so ever. Signs that read “Wake up America Your Muslim President Bowed to His Muslim King!!!” and “Obama Nomics Monkey See. Monkey Spend” suggests that some of these Tea Party supporters are racist. To begin with Obama is Christian, not Muslim, second of all the fact that they are comparing Obama to a monkey is very chauvinistic and ignorant. Not only do Tea Party members carry signs of this type but when thousandths of protesters stood outside the Capital to so call protest against the health care reform they were yelling out other things. When Representative John Lewis passed by walking into the Capital he was called “ni**er” and when Representative Barney Frank passed he was called “fa**ot”. It does not matter is these people are officials; this event truly was a negative reflection of the Tea Party Patriots as a whole. Why should America stand by and watch the same people they elected into office be called such horrible names and be judge by things that they cannot control. Due to the questionable racism by the Tea Party many people have been concerned for the people of color that do support the Tea Party movement and actually participate in the demonstrations by wondering if they really know what they are supporting. When a support of the Tea Party, who was a women of color, was asked if she truly understood what she was supporting she responded very strong by saying “We’ve been in the wilderness. We’ve haven’t gotten any better. They haven’t done anything better for my people. So I am out here with my family, of Tea Party; Democrats, Republicans, Independents. We’re out here to number one save our country, it’s not that we hate our President, it’s not that we hate the Democrats, but we love our country, we love our children and we need for everyone in the whole United State of America to understand why we’re doing what we’re doing”. Clearly people are not completely grasping the true agenda of the Tea Party. Many Minutemen groups are also affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots, therefore if a hate group supports a Party that can only signify that they