The Teaching Enviroment Essay

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Reflection 1 – The Teaching Environment

In terms of responsibilities the teacher should consider the abilities of the learners in their group and provide appropriate lessons plans that will facilitate their learning. They should be able to identify any additional learning needs and provide adequate support, as well as motivate their students. A teacher must also promote quality, in order to promote a greater social equality by providing people with the skills to find work and sustain employment.
In terms of my own role as a language teacher, my responsibilities, in addition to knowing and understanding the standards for teachers and the codes of practice that are in place, are to promote equality and diversity whilst undergoing a programme of mentoring to ensure my own effective teaching practices. I must act as a role model and be proactive in the learning of the students.
I should identify and meet the learner´s needs, which involve to asses them and to devise differentiated learning outcomes depending on the level they have reached and their own abilities, This may mean putting in place additional support or creating an Individual Learning Plan to help the student achieve set goals and participate in their learning.
In order to meet the needs of learners it is important that an initial assessment is carried out and that the level and the abilities of the learner are identified.
Providing a supportive and safe learning environment might mean that there is access to first aid but also that any student that requires aids to help them access their learning is given the resources they need.
Promoting appropriate behavior and respect is important in enhancing the classroom environment and ensuring that everyone within it is treated fairly and equally. Poor behavior makes an uncomfortable learning environment for students and also the teacher which does not support learning.
The root of problematic behavior usually lies in low motivation and so praising and rewarding may avoid these problems. Role modeling the most appropriate behavior and pointing out examples of disrespectful or inappropriate behavior could help manage the problem. 476
It may also be beneficial to lay down some ground rules so that both, the learners and the teacher are aware of what is expected, and where the boundaries lie and what will happen if they step over the boundaries. These can be established in 3 different ways:
Teacher imposed -