The Teaching Style

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The Teaching Style
Mariah Keleigh Raposo
English 1301-081
Professor Alex Bernal
November 19, 2014

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The Teacher’s Style Assigning homework serves in various educational needs; it serves as a intellectual discipline, and establishing study habits. Male teacher spend more time making sure the student is learning what is covered in class by assigning more homework; females tend to give out less homework, but their time is more emphases on going over the lecture. This is shown in teachers, male and female, within the fifth and sixth grade year.
The purpose of this paper is to determine the different styles of teaching based on gender. A teachers performance in educating a student can easily demonstrated though their students ability in finishing an assignment and doing it correctly. Many educators believe that homework is more effective for students during the fourth through sixth grade years. An analysis based on the different habits, standards, amount of homework assigned and personality, helped shape female and male educators in their teaching style. It has yield to the following question, within the grades of fifth and sixth grade years dose male teachers assign more homework then female teachers. Teacher’s performance is directly linked to a child’s confidence in being successful in their academic achievements. Teachers, as well as students, have both unique pattern of teaching and learning. Teachers assign homework to reinforce their lessons to make sure the students are learning. The role of homework assigned by the teacher is a study habit and it contributed to the material covered in class. A teachers performance in educating a student can easily be demonstrated though their students’ ability in finishing an assignment and doing it correctly. Many educators believe that homework is most effective for children fourth through sixth grade. Gender refers to socially constructed role, behavior, activity’s and attributes that given society considers appropriate for men and woman. Most people usually confused between the two term, gender and sex. Sex refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and woman. For better clarification “male” and “female” are sex categories while “masculine” and “feminine” are gender categories. Anthropologist, Margret Mead, addressed the difference in temperament found between men and women, in her essay, “Sex and Temperament”. In this study, she concludes that sex has no being or social trait and the temperament of an individual. Her research looked at weather masculine and feminine traits are innate or learned. She also question whether men and woman differ because the nature (heredity) or nature (socialization). She concludes that cultural conditioning is more important than biological differences rather, they result from differences in the socialization and the cultural expectations held for each sex within a society. When women are naturally gifted or better than men in their own field of expertise, this causes the men to doubt