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Vladimir Atapin
Sophie Kim
Pathway II
15 March 2015
The Positive Changes of Telecommunications in Modern Working Life From the 20th century until present days, the main technology was information gathering, processing, and distribution. The world has seen many developments, such as the installment of telephone networks, the invention of radio and television, the birth and unprecedented growth of the computer industry, the launching of communication satellites, and, of course, the Internet. In addition, the telecommunications market is a large growing sector of economy in most of countries. It demands that companies establish and maintain a good customer relations process; the positive changes in this process have to be made in order to improve the working life of all employees. Although the telecommunications technologies made some negative effects on global climate such as global warming, it could be said that there are many positive changes in working life provided by telecommunications as well.
To begin, there are a lot of telecommunications systems such as the internet, which are widely used in most of industries. Since the beginning of introducing of ‘www technology’ by Tim Burns Lee in 1990, the internet usage has raised dramatically. The people started to use it for searching the information, online talk and other things. Within the time it has become the part of the working life. For example, traders started to use the advantage of the internet networks, and also marketplaces was changed significantly after the internet networks has become an instrument to carry out bargains. For the first time when the marketplaces appeared, it was remaining some noisy, crowded places whereas the traders were conducting the bargains. Today’s marketplaces look completely opposite and remind the silent, diligent work space. To explain what exactly the internet is, it could be said that “the internet is not real network at all, but a vast collection of different networks that use certain common protocols and provide certain common services” (Tanenbaum, and Wetheral 54). The key meaning for the internet usage is the resource sharing. Many different companies use the internet as a tool to promote their services, goods and other things. This helps to companies to attract the large audience of customers to buy or use their services. For example, the online stores use the internet to sell their commodities to customers and this helps the store to make profit from it. Also, besides, the online stores, there are also many internet auctions which have high interest amongst the buyers because the goods there is usually could be sold at very low price. In terms of the online selling, the internet has helped many commercial companies to implement the selling process at the maximum performance. Thus, the telecommunications has made a big step towards sales markets by connecting them with the end-customer as well as it also increased the global market trading. Another big advantage of telecommunications is the streaming technologies. The streaming has wide usage in various applications, such as movie making, video conferencing, television and other things. Although the concept of “streaming”, of course, is nothing new, early television was essentially streaming video, raw and unprocessed, with plenty of airtime and minimal commercial interruption” (Dixon 23). Since then television has evaluated into more extended format creating many new work positions in areas such as movie making, news broadcasting, journalism and the rest. Movie making involves enormous number of people to complete the process from writing the first version of scenario written by editors to actual montage, meanwhile to “keep in touch” most of people must be connected with each other, and this only can be allowed by telecommunications. As result, when the movie director realized his actual film, he uses the streaming technologies to create a movie trailer of film