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Insanity. It can make even the most benevolent people do terrible things. In the short story "The Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe a common man who denies being insane commits murder, his victim is an old man who he lives with, he is killing him because he has an odd, creepy eye. Poe creates a scary mood with his descriptive words, use of suspense and an easy character to relate to. One example that Poe is not sane is on page when he says that he hears things in heaven and in hell on page 625. This is obviously a sign that this man is insane. He thinks he can here sounds from heaven and hell when the only thing he is hearing is his insane thoughts. He even admits that people think he is mad. He never believes what they say he never thinks that he might be crazy. He just ignores everyone’s thoughts but his own. Another example is when Poe says “For a whole hour a did not move a muscle, and in the men time I did not hear him lie down (page 626).” This just shows how insane Poe is; he waits an entire hour just to kill the man. Poe also thinks he is brilliant for waiting and being quiet. This is obviously another sign that his sanity is leaving him. Then the fact that he kills the old man and dismembers the corpse is even worse. Another example is when he say “I smiled-for what did I have to fear?” This just means that Poe needs to be in an insane asylum. He is literaly the most crazy person ever. He dismembers the corpse then he sits on top of where he buried the