The Tell-tale Heart and Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Stephen Angeles
Edgar Allan Poe Facts

1. Edgar was a genius of his time..
2. Edgar thought that all women were angelic characters.
3. Edgar’s father left his children and wife at a young agae.
4. Edgar only lived in a small house.
5. Poe’s mother died when he was 2 years old.
6. Poe had an action figure of his mother.
7. All the Poe Children were scattered all over orphanages
8. The Allan family adopted Poe.
9. Poe was given good education and was treated good by the Allans.
10. Poe was a sporty guy, until he grew older.
11. Poe’s girlfriend died when he was 15 because of Brain Cancer.
12. Poe didn’t know his mother died of TB.
13. John Allan had affairs with everyone.
14. Poe thought that girls should be treated fairly.
15. Poe was sent to University of Virginia
16. Poe found himself in a bad financial status.
17. He had to leave the University of Virginia.
18. He went into the army to fight for his country
19. He was alone by himself.
20. Edgar went as Edgar Perry in the army.
21. Edgar published 2 books with his own money.
22. His Stepmother died of TB.
23. Both his mothers died, both his fathers neglected him.
24. Poe found a good family to be with.
25. Poe was burdened to provide for his family.
26. Poe had a hard time selling “A Tell Tale Heart”
27. Poe had to spend the rest of his life to poverty
28. Poe almost always had conflicts with his bosses
29. Poe was the “Tomahawk” man because his reviews were almost always