The Terrifying phone call Essay

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What I Know for Sure
The Terrifying Phone Call Every time I hear the clock ticking on the wall, watching second, minute, hour, and day that goes. Knowing I will never get to hear her voice again, it breaks my heart. As I approached my grandparent’s house, all I could see was red and blue flashing lights reflecting off the house. When I whipped into the driveway the first two people I saw were my cousin Kameo, and her boyfriend Josh. My brother Louis ran straight to Kameo and I ran to Josh. Josh wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight. All he could say was, “I’m sorry.” When I asked him what happened, he said, “There is no easy way to say this… but your grandma just passed away.” At that moment, my world just stopped. My grandma left us unexpectedly on a bitter fall night. The second I found out that she was no longer with us, it immediately destroyed me from the inside out. Just seeing her body lying there restlessly on the living room floor triggered my emotions more than ever. Watching my grandpa pleading by her side for her to come back is a memory that will be unforgettable. After witnessing my grandpa’s devastation, I had to step outside for some fresh air. I couldn’t help but break down again. Thankfully, Kameo was there for me and I was there for her. Later on that night, I went back in to say my final goodbye. I believe that before you leave, to always say goodbye to my loved ones. The next few days were extremely hard on everyone, especially my grandpa. My grandpa was distraught for the next few weeks; knowing his high school sweetheart was no longer by his side. A new chapter of our lives began when my grandma passed, but it brought our family closer than ever before. I know that now my grandma lies in the great hands of the lord; and he’s watching over my grandpa down on earth, along with other supportive family members. We will never stop supporting grandpa. We can all make a huge difference in grandpa’s life; just by visiting him to see how he’s doing and to seeing if he needs anything. She