Reign Of Terror

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The French Revolution was trying to create a government through the Reign of Terror because they needed to control the people. By examining how they used fear, how they claimed to be protecting the revolution, and how they executed control of the people, it is clear that they were trying to create a tyrannical government. The Terror used fear in many different ways. His was the main factor behind the Terror, hence it being called the Terror. They instilled a fear of speaking out in the people of France, making them afraid to do anything but what the revolution say. The Committee of Public Safety was created to “protect” the revolution, but it mostly just executed people who represented the old ways. They made mass executions, even after the revolution started to win the wars. This made the people very scared of them, but some spoke out. They were hunted down by the Committee, though, making people even more afraid of the revolution. The Committee was created to “protect the revolution.” They mostly just held executions. They executed priests, and many others who were innocent. This made many people afraid, and also defiant against the revolution. Another way that they tried to protect the revolution was to go to war with the other countries in Europe. They saw them as opponents to the revolution, which they were. The other countries were scared of what the revolution could do if it spread, so it felt the need to eliminate it. This made many of the French angry, causing