Essay on The Theme Park Experience

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Driving through the bumpy rough pathway towards the theme park, the excitement increasing as you get closer and closer. The huge car park, almost as big as football pitch quickly filling up with all of today’s visitors. Parents trying so hard to keep their children together as they jump of joy and extreme excitement. You can almost hear every parent telling their child to keep safe. As you trot along to the ticket desk, you can see all the flashing lights beaming in the distance and the atmosphere building up with the loud music and everyone’s joy.
As soon as you’re allowed to enter the theme park, the briskly breezy wind whistles through you as you walk towards the theme park. You can see the flashing lights beaming far across in the distance, with a bright sun rising from behind like a yellow lollipop. The rays of the bright burning sunshine shimmer on the ripples of each wave made by the peddle boats. The busy atmosphere building up quickly and the excitement on everyone’s face as they queue up for each ride is priceless.
Wondering around the eventful atmosphere and seeing all the stall holders getting ready for their days of sales. Excited visitors rush towards them to buy the bright pink candy floss or to have a go at winning an amazing toy. All chatting away as they put together their bright colored stalls up with flashing lights to get everyone’s attention. Looking further down on side of the park, everyone getting into the adventurous rides ahead, suddenly everyone’s attention is caught when you hear people screaming as loud as they can on the rides, and those in the queues laughing at everyone’s funny facial expressions.
The atmosphere of the park is building up even more as you see all the children being gathered up for lunch. As you walk towards the huge canteen the aroma of fish and chips smacks you in the face, so strong, yet so delicious. Walking towards other delicious food stalls as your tummy rumbles, you can see the empty chocolate wrappers, ice cream rappers and empty crisp packets scattered everywhere in the picnic area.

Back into the part, mischievous children run around holding bundles of toys they’ve won, full of excitement as the mothers try to keep their children close while others are waiting in the longest