The Thing Essay

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I promise to think of Micahwhenever someone’s kind,and when I meet a fast runner,Erin will be on my mind.When something catches on fire,I’ll think of Satoru and Drew,and when I’m sad I’ll remember Danny,who hurt himself but came through.When I’m in a truly musical mood,Bailey will be in my head,and when I want to fight, I’ll think of Justinand keep the peace instead.When someone tries to protect me,I’ll always think of Dwight,and of course I’ll think of Hanwhen I’m online through day and night.If I keep secrets to keep my friends safe,I’ll think of the Mafia, and Wes,and Derek will be on my mindif I stretch myself thin for the sake of success.If someone can’t see what’s right in front of themI’ll think of Logan (that squid!)And if someone I love, loves someone else,I’ll help them out, like Julian did.When I love someone too much to let them go,I’ll remember David and Kat,and of course I’ll think of Charliewhen I see a baseball bat.When I’m willing to fight for what I believe in,I’ll remember that Merril did, too,and I’ll be like Spencer and back my friends upin whatever they say or do.I’ll never see a rosebudwithout Adam in my head,and when I’m feeling gloomy,I’ll be happy like Shane instead.Of course I’ll think of Reedwhen I trip over my feet,and I’ll think of Evan and Ethanwhen people are goofy, but sweet.I swear to think of Blainewhen I won’t let someone get hurt,and when someone calls for Alice,of course I’ll think of Kurt.I promise to remember Warblerland,until the day…