The Things I Carry

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The Things I Carry I don’t typically carry many things with me on an everyday basis, but four things that I do always carry with me are my cell phone, my keys, pictures from my Poland and Israel Trip this summer, and love. Three of these four things are tangible things, but my love for life and everything in my world is intangible. I carry my cell phone with me often because it gives me a sense of security that if I am stuck in a situation where I am uncomfortable or in a dangerous situation, I know with the press of one button I can call someone to save me. Although it may not always save me, it really does give me a sense of savory and the fact that I have a phone allows me to know I can and will always have someone to talk to no matter. I keep my car keys on me at all time for two very main reasons. While I have my car keys I realize how great of a life I have and how lucky I am to have a car, it doesn’t matter what it looks like or how bad or good it drives, but the fact that I have a car is so powerful. Another reason I keep my car keys on me is for that sense of security, such as walking through a dark parking lot at night, and me, being a girl, it can be very dangerous and scary walking through a dark parking lot by oneself because I could easily get snatched and no one will ever know where I went. My third tangible object is my pictures from Poland and Israel, if I didn’t have those pictures on me 24/7 I honestly do not know how I would be able to cherish every moment of this summer and realize what an experience I had. I got to travel to Poland and Israel, two incredible places, I got to experience what many of my ancestors never got to experience and it really is the most touching thing in the world to know that I got to be able to travel from Poland to Israel not only for myself but for all of those who did not survive the Holocaust. The pictures that I carry remind me of