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Hurricanes vs. Tornadoes Hurricanes are deadlier than tornadoes by ways of destruction, the wind forces of the storm, and the occurrence. Hurricanes are deadlier than tornadoes by the way of destruction because they are started over water, and can spawn a tornado on land. Although, many think tornadoes are more deadly, the sheer wind force of a hurricane is worse than that of a tornado. Tornadoes generate the wind speeds reaching up to 125 mph whereas hurricanes generate wind speeds up to 210 mph. Furthermore, hurricanes are more dangerous by their occurrence than tornadoes. This is because, tornado season runs May through October, and hurricane season runs during the late summer and runs through the fall, and they can spawn tornadoes. For this reason, hurricanes appear to be more dangerous and destructive than tornadoes. Advanced warning of a hurricane, or even a tornado, is very helpful for people living on the coast. Hurricanes can travel thousands of miles along the sea board of the Atlantic Ocean. A hurricane can move close to the shoreline causing torrential downpours, seawater surges and devastating floods that create massive destruction. Even though tornadoes occur on land, specifically more often in the Midwestern United States, they do not cause the heavy rains or flooding. They are devastating, like the hurricane, also leaving a path of destruction behind. Objects such as cars and homes can be destroyed or picked up in the twister and moved hundreds of miles away. "Predicting hurricanes is not easy; but weather satellites enable forecasters to give a few days advanced warning" (Challoner, 28). With the ability weather forecasters have to predict these massive storms, it enables people to seek shelter and prepare for what devastation is coming towards them. Anyone who chooses to live in the Midwest or the seashore and tropical regions is well aware of the dangers they face with the