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1. The item that surprised me the most were the tranquilizers that Ted lavender carried with him. This surprised me because it showed how he couldn’t even take the effects of the war and had to do something to almost remove him from the situation at times. This item is also the most representative of war because they showed how stressful the war was because he had to take them to numb himself. The item that stays with me would be the pebble that Lt. Cross carried around.
2. A. Curt lemon was a coward about going to the dentist and eventually he decided he needed to prove to himself that he could get over it.
B. The shame drives them to do stupid things sometimes like when Curt Lemon went to the dentist to prove he wasn’t afraid and got an unnecessary tooth pulling.
C. The relationship would be that sometimes you have to have no shame when put in a situation that you need courage for because you have to do uncomfortable things.
3. Tim O’Brien says, “War is Hell, war is mystery, war is despair, war is thrilling.” O’brien contradicts himself about the way war is because it is many different things at different times.
4. Both the movie and the book were very emotional, the events that happened to these men are proven to affect them for life. They changed their lives, they helped them to appreciate certain things.
5. The difference between the two is they way that they deal with death. In the book they deal with death through jokes and poking fun. But in the movie they honor the fallen soldiers by escorting them and respecting them to the fullest degree.
6. A. The importance of recording stories about war is so that people will respect the duty that