Essay about The Things They Carried

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Christian Hernandez
Professor Sarah Cantrell
English 1102
“The Things They Carried”: Emotional side The story of "The Things They Carried" written by Tim O’Brien gives a good outlook on how the Soldiers feel and think during the war . The story describes the different things that the soldiers carry with them while at war. O’Brien talks about the different items in great detail such as weight, color, shape and size but he also gives extraordinary details about not only their personalities, but even more about their emotions with the personal things they carried with them. Every single object that the men carry when they go to war plays an emotional touch in their lives. There are certain things that they carried
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All of these items have things in common such as the taste of the food back home or even the taste of water. The taste of water varies tremendously among every country, and this could be a difficulty for some soldiers. Some people might wonder if it is worth going through the sacrifices that the soldiers make every time they go to war. For a soldier, this answer will always be yes. It takes a special type of person to sign a document stating; Yes, I am willing to die for my county even if that day were to come tomorrow. The soldiers have to face lose and gain every day. This is a never ending roller coaster of emotions that they have to face and feel every day, from one fellow soldier dying to completing a mission. That is a lot for a man or women to take on daily, but they are still willing to go through this for their county and the people they love. The soldier have each other to lean on or fall back on while they are there so that they form a different kind of friendship bond with one another which it could be a lot different bond if that person was back at home and not in a soldier’s shoes. When a fellow soldier dies he/she is referred to as a fallen soldier “The fallen are soldiers who have died in battle” (Collins Cobuild 2003). When a soldier’s friend or fellow soldier