The Things I Carry Essay

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Lanasha Haggins
Professor Budd
22 August 2013
The Things I carry

In my early childhood, everything was great. I am the only child so I got everything I asked for and so much attention. I t was just me and my mom; it has always been just me and mom against the world. Then as I start getting older, around 11 or 12, things started to change. My mom started to get tired and weak. We just thought it was a simple cold, so we left it alone. Then her sickness started to become worse each day and we knew this was more serious. My mom had gone into the hospital and the doctors said she was diagnosed with kidney failure. We didn’t know at the time, how serious this was. I would never forget the day, the doctor came into the room and me and my mom were sleeping. He started talking to my mom saying these big words and explanations I didn’t understand. I was trying to figure out what was happening until he said if my mom doesn’t go through with the treatment, she will die. My heart dropped and I started to tear-up, like I said it was just me and my mom. It had always been me and my mom. I couldn’t imagine without living with her, so I knew from then on things would change. A couple months went by, then some years, now my mom has been on dialysis (kidney treatment) for about 8 years now. She went from going to all my basketball games to only a few. I would wake up in the middle of the night to my mom throwing up and coughing. I would have to help her walk up the stairs, remember certain things and etc. I had to grow up at a young age and realize that your life can change in a spilt second. The people that mean the most to you can be easily can be easily taken from you. My mom’s sickness has made a difference in my life, and has pushed me till’ this day to achieve any goal I desire. I want to make my mom proud, by being something she couldn’t be and achieving even higher than that. I want to not fit the social stereotypes and make new ones. Kidney failure runs in my family so I strive harder and try to be fit so I can