Essay on The Threat on Isreal

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REPORT: Israel

There are many countries that are still threatening Israel. One of these countries is Syria. Syria and Israel have no peace agreements between each other and it is a very tense situation, just one match is enough to start a war between these two countries. Another country that is hostile towards Israel is Iran, who has a deep hatred towards Israel and a will to destroy it. Iran is constantly sending weapons and money to the terrorist organizations that fight Israel (Hamas and Hezbollah). The Gaza Strip is another threatening country with no surprise that they are supported by Iran. The Gaza Strip is controlled by the Hamas terrorist organization which fores rockets at southern Israel. There are many more countries who do not like Israel, most of them being Arab.

Israel maintains diplomatic relations with 157 countries and has 100 diplomatic missions around the world.Only three members of the Arab League have normalized relations with Israel: Egypt, Jordan, and Mauritania. Egypt signed a peace treaty in 1979. Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994, and Mauritania opted for full diplomatic relations with Israel in 1999. Respecitvily, there are countries world wide with neutrality with Israel. Discussions have focused on Hamas's threat of halting talks in Cairo because of the fighting that took place between armed men and members of the Palestinian Authority forces in the West Bank. This development is a sign that a war worse than that, which happened