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The Three Little Pigs...Continued

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. After the big bad wolf came for the first
time the three little pigs defeated him with their wit. The first one had his house blown down
for it was made of straw. The second one built a house out of a little stronger material, sticks.
but it still wasn't enough to withstand the wolf's blow. The last and wisest pig built his house
out bricks and together they defeated the wolf once in for all, or so they thought.
Long ago centuries far back the pig's great, great, great grandfather made a deal with
one of his old friends.
"Mr. Rumpelstiltskin I have a proposition," The old pig sai, barely able to walk.
"Oh yes I bet you do," Rumpelstiltskin lurked around his pen, a shadowy figure in the
" I want you to make sure that my ancestors are never tormented by the Wolf ever
again. Alas, they can live happier lives than i have." The pig sighed.
"Oh yes, I can make that happen. But all magic comes with a price. What are you willing
to give me?" Rumpelstiltskin replied.
"What do you want?" The old grandfather asked.
" I want you in this life or in another life to make a sacrifice. One that will surpass all
magic and free you and your family from this curse."
The old pig was wise but he cared more for his family than himself."Deal."

Centuries later the three little pigs lived happy lives. Their fat bodies got more and more
food and they lived in the brick house the oldest brother built years ago. Suddenly the walls
shook, the floor rumpled, and the windows shattered spraying glass all over the floor. The pigs
ran outside startled. There they faced the bad wolf himself.
" Did he grow a couple feet?" The smallest pig squeaked to his brothers.
"I grew a couple feet alright," the giant wolf chucked. His voice booming through the
woods. "You little pigs don't even have a house to protect yourself."
"Run!" The oldest pig said to his brothers.
" No, You go build another house. You're the best at doing that!" the two youngest
brothers shouted to the older brother.The oldest pig ran deeper into the forest and started
Meanwhile, the two brothers watched at the wolf as he tore down their house bit by
bit. The middle pig took a stick and threw it at the wolf, and it bounced off his head. "You think
a stick is going to stop me. You made that same mistake last time.” the wolf growled turing to
the pigs.
"I'm sorry little brother. " The pig ran for his life into the forest to meet his older
brother, leaving the smallest pig to deal with the wolf. "They left you to deal with me?" The
wolf pondered. As the pig was thrown across town, the wolf howled.

“You have redeemed your curse, as you are the sacrifice. But this wont do, I need