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The Three Treasures Action, adventure, and treasure seeking are all characteristics of the three books that can be compared. Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson, The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien, and Hidden Treasure of Glaston (HTOG) by Eleanore M. Jewett are all treasure seeking books that can be compared. They all possess many different things that make them quite different. All three books are based around characters on a quest, big or small. They are on the hunt for treasure! Many die, yet many fight through and get what they are seeking. In the end, the treasure is what they are after. The three treasures vary in origin, symbolic meaning, and motivation of who is seeking them. The origin of all three treasures are unique for very different reasons. In Treasure Island the treasure, which was thousands of dollars of coins and silver, is originally there from an infamous pirate named Capt’n Flint. He had buried it there after stealing it off of many other ships. In comparison, the Dwarves’ treasure, gold and jewels, since it was also stolen in The Hobbit, but by an evil dragon named Smaug. Similarly in these two books the treasure was stolen, but in HTOG that was not the case. In HTOG the treasure, The Holy Grail, had originated from the last supper when Jesus drank from the cup. HTOG originated much differently. How the treasures originated also has a key role in what their symbolic meaning is. The symbolic meaning behind each treasure is very interesting, yet goes along very well with the story line. HTOG is a book that is very religiously written, that also is the symbolic meaning behind the treasure. The Holy Grail symbolizes the power to heal. For example it healed Hugh, who had a crippled leg, when he encountered it. The coins and jewels in Treasure Island symbolize greed and rivalry amongst the devious pirates. In The Hobbit the gold and jewels represents meaning from the heart, because all that was stolen was from the Dwarves’ home. They are all unique. Yet, all the meanings behind the treasures play such a huge role in the stories. Interestingly the meanings behind the treasures wouldn’t be there, in two of the books, where without the characters that are seeking them. The motivation behind who is seeking the treasure is the whole reason these treasure books exists. For example, in The…