The Tide Falls Poem Analysis

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What made me choose this poem was the title. When I saw “ The Tide rises, The Tide Falls” it instantly brought a picture of the beach to my head and I like going to the beach. This poem interests me because I read the poem and it is one great piece of art! The poet well described many things and it gave me an image of what is going on throughout it and I really loved it.

The poem is trying to state that whatever happens to us, life continues. Life doesn’t stop for us; time doesn’t stop for us when we want it to. Like in this poem, a traveler was leaving the beach but the tide didn't stop rising or falling because the traveler left. “The traveller hastens toward the town/ the tide rises, the tide falls.” The traveler also leaves footprints meaning leaving a legacy behind but the waves from the beach erase it, symbolizing that memories, loved one is gone. But life still continues and goes on. “ Efface the footprints in the sand/and the tide rises, the tide falls.”
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For example i sensed touch. “Along the sea-sands damp and brown,” i can imagine myself at the beach, and standing in the damp sand. Another one i sensed was see. I can see the darkness settling in the roofs and covering the walls. “ Darkness settles on roofs and walls.” i also saw an example of personification. “The little waves, with their soft, while hands,” is comparing the waves with human hands.
In this poem, rhyming is used. Lines one, two and five rhyme with each other and lines three and four rhyme with each other. “The tide rises, the falls” is written in limerick form. Which the structure is AABBA. It also has repetition. ‘The tide rises, the tide falls’ is repeated several times at the beginning of the poem and at the end of each