The Tigros Short Story

Words: 1822
Pages: 8

The Tigros were close. The city of Harlem was still being terrorized the the Tigros. Their numbers exponentially grew to more than double of what they had just a few weeks ago, and with that the crime rate grew also. The violence escalated from cutting for vengeance to dozens of innocent murders. Velvet red blood, broken glass, and bloody blades would fill the streets. Residents hid in fear and terror as they saw their own city being picked apart by the Tigros. Monkeyman’s recovery from being impaled by an alcoholic marked the day he stood up to Clean two months ago.
Monkeyman starred at the ceiling asking himself in a soft voice, “What am I going when Harlem is going to be at peace? Will we ever be free from the Tigros?”
Peaches suddenly
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Don’t even think of backing out or poor little Peaches will be history!” She said and then sinisterly chuckled.
She disappeared into the alleyway holding the back of her head. Monkeyman clenched his fist. Lady Tigros was going the opposite direction of the tower, so he could not chase her. Monkeyman was not going to let Peaches down again.

Monkeyman went to the top of the Gulf Tower with blood trickling down his arm. Monkeyman didn’t bring any weapons, something he may end up regretting later. Monkeyman walked to the top of the long, treacherous stairs. The Tigros leaders were behind Clean and Peaches was held down next to the. Monkeyman walked up to Clean face-to-face and demanded Clean to let Peaches go. Clean cut Peaches free and shoved her down the forty-five flights of stairs.
Clean said, “You can just go straight to damned hell Monkeyman. You took away what was the most important thing in my life. And now, you will pay for taking away my pride!”
Clean instantaneously pulled out his pistol and aimed at Monkeyman. Suddenly, he swiftly turned around and shot and killed the higher-ups of the Tigros gang.
“No more distractions, eh... Monkeyman?” Clean chuckled and threw his gun off the
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Beating a monkey didn’t sound appealing to Clean, and the Tigros wouldn’t be impressed either. Clean didn’t want a repeat like last time. Clean realized something was missing. His eyes shifted from the ground, to the staircase, and then back to Monkeyman. He smiled and dashed towards the stairs.
Monkeyman was temporarily confused.
Monkeyman blurted out in realization, “Peaches look out!”
It was too late. Clean grabbed Peaches by the face and slammed her down onto the concrete floor. Monkeyman could hear her spine cracking as she hit the ground. Peaches tried to fight back, but she couldn’t perceive anything. Clean then took his knuckle and started pounding her neck.
“Come fight me if you want to save her Monkeyman!” He yelled as he kept pounding Peaches’s