The time of our lives Essay

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Rian Santoso Carnadi
Mrs. Scrivner
English101; 02.00pm
Rodriguez’s Paragraph
Oct 2nd 2013

The Show of A Lifetime
Ever since their second album, “Riot!”, I have always been a fan of Paramore, a emo-pop rock band from Franklin, TN. When I heard they were going to play in Indonesia, Bali to be specific, I was overcome with joy. I wasn’t going to miss it for the world. My favorite modern rock band in the world was playing in my country, another city, but in my country none-the-less. The next minute after I heard the news, I scoured the Internet for hours looking for the event date. By bad fortune, the show in Bali was going to be held on the 17th of August, which is the independence day of Indonesia. My heart dropped seven stories high, hit a spike on the wall, and smashed into smithereens. Attendance on Independence Day was mandatory as there will be a flag ceremony held in honor of the veterans who fought for our county’s freedom. There was no way I was allowed to skip school, especially not to watch a concert. As the heartache grew, I decided to look at the other concerts available. Something caught my attention and as the webpage loaded, I literally jumped in joy when I read the news that Paramore was going to do another show in Jakarta. I checked the dates and prices and everything was seemingly put in my direction. I readied my father’s credit card (yes I had his permission), put in all the numbers, and was about to hit enter when I remembered, I needed plane tickets and accommodation. So I left the ticketing page and browsed