The Tiny Red Gift Box Essay

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A very special person in my life gave the Tiny Red Gift Box to me. Every grandmother wants nothing more than the best for their grandchildren. My grandmother, Constantina, was a phenomenal woman. There is always someone in the family who makes sure everyone is well taken care of. Every single year for Christmas the family gathers up for a morning gift exchange at a different family members home. The Tiny Red Gift box symbolizes the hundred-dollar bill she would stuff in it and give out to each of her seven grandchildren.

The tradition of the Tiny Red Gift Box has been a tradition for many years. From the moment I was born my grandmother was the one who took care of me as my mother and father would work a full time position to support the families needs. Constantina would wake up on a daily basis at 6a.m. to start her duties in taking care of me. She would prepare food and make sure that there was going to be breakfast, lunch and dinner for me when I got hungry. This Tiny Red Gift Box was given as the first gift every year to all the grandchildren. At my age, I just appreciated anything from her, even if there was no gifts. But, to my younger cousins, the hundred-dollar bill was the best thing any child could receive.

The tradition of the Tiny Red Gift Box ended before Christmas arrived, on November 14, 2013 the day my grandmother passed away. She was like another mother to me, loved her dearly. Then, Christmas day came and a surprise was left to all the grandchildren