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The Titanic Electron Microscope, which reveals immune secrets and helps treatment
This new research project, which had been announced towards the public on the 2nd February 2015, is the launch of ‘The Titanic electron Microscope. With this unique $5 million microscope being launched at Monash University in Melbourne, it has the potential to transform and revolutionise technology as we know it with it i’advancing scientists view on the human body’ thus resulting in advances for Australian researches in the field of biology. Some of the perks towards this electron microscope is that it will prove useful for better use to treat diseases from cancer, diabetes, malaria which are some major issues in our society. It is this scientific research; I believe will prove to be the greatest benefit towards our society especially in the medical field thus in the biological area of science.
With the electron microscope being the centrepiece of the Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Centre, many had undertaken this research project but those who had given acknowledgment towards this project were Professor James Whisstock and Associate Professor Mike Lawrence. With Professor James Whisstock being granted permission into the ARC centre of Excellence in Structural and Functional Microbial Genomics in 2005 he is still to this day studying around this concept with his research areas being around cancer, infection and immunity. Similarly Associate Professor Mike Lawrence who had achieved his PhD in Cape Town is studying in the division of Structural biology. He ambitions or academic interest is around the ii‘variety of structures of receptors and detecting better insulin’ for those who have diabetes as well as cancer. Being acknowledged for their project, shows the overall value towards this research and how it plays a crucial role in what I believe to have the greatest benefit to society not only in Australia but essentially world wide. While it was these two scientist that were involved it was the collective work of the other researches in the team and the media who had spread the word of this project and the potential to being the greatest benefit to society in the past 10 years of other research endeavours from various other fields
What is an electron microscope?
Well, the concept of an electron microscope is that it uses beams of electrons instead of rays of light thus producing 1000 times sharper images than any normal microscope that we use. With it being placed under a series of electro magnets in a coil format, the allows the coil to bend the electron’s beam the same direction thus forming an image which is scientifically known as a ‘electron micrograph.’
However, this electron microscope will never have been done if it wasn’t for the ‘Clive and Vera Ramaciotti centre’. It was this centre that had the first initial steps into providing researches with the facilities, which would iii‘allow researches to create powerful images of nature’s tiny machines’ states Niall Byrne. This campus was an extension from Monash University being a campus purely meant for the development of improving treatments for cancer, diabetes and immune disorders.
The Titanic electron microscope is 3m tall and weighs around a tonne but it does serve its purpose. James Whisstock says iv‘We want to transform our understanding of the human immune system’ thus the electron microscope being the final puzzle piece towards this hidden mystery. With our immune system being driven by large biological molecules the electron microscope shows these 3D shapes and structures of the claimed molecules. Being able to achieve this Lawrence adds on to Whisstock by stating v‘It fills the gap for the continuation of our studies into the human body” Being able to fulfil the scientist goals it has proven a great adversary towards the understanding of our body especially the defects in our immune system. With able to do this scientists have made projects in which this microscope will be able to