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The City of Austin Is Better Than the City You Live In Austin, holding the title of the fastest growing urban population in the United States (Forbes), is home to 842,750 Texans (Austin Gov.) and is well on its way to being the center of attention to everyone in America. Austin has made a stand to be different and has put great effort into letting Americans know. In fact Austin has implemented a slogan to market their difference nationwide; they have successfully put the words “Keep Austin Weird” into everyone’s memory who has visited. Visitors can’t go down a road without seeing the phrase or hearing it somewhere. Austin is weird only because it is different than other cities in the way it conducts day to day activities. I’m going to share some of the reasons Austin is better than your city, in hopes you find yourself dying to be an Austinite real soon. These days many of Americans are putting in great effort towards being eco-friendly, in hopes to save the world for our future generations and to reduce waste of resources that are limited. Many cities have returned to recycling, and have created laws and programs to help aid the effort of being greener. Austin has been very active in the community and has done a pretty great job at creating a reputation for itself as a “Green City.” Austin in particular has created a law against the use of plastic and paper bags in supermarkets and grocery stores (Coppola). By implementing this law, Austin hopes to reduce the waste that ends up in the rivers and parks, polluting the nature Austin flaunts. In The recent months Austin has been encouraging their residents to build rain gardens. With the installation of a rain garden, Austin residents would save money on their water bills and would help conserve water by using what has already been given to them for free by Mother Nature. Austin also is home to large eco-friendly groups that have been working hard on recycling recyclables and reducing waste that is unnecessary. Even at local events such as concerts or sporting volunteers are walking the grounds sorting trash from recyclables. No city does more socially to be ecofriendly than Austin, Texas. Austin is not only ecofriendly, but Austin is home to a diverse array of food choices. New residents of Austin could probably eat at a new place every night of the year, for five years, and never eat at the same place twice. With the 1,600 food trailers registered in Austin (Bumgardner), and all of the bars and restaurants on 6th street or South Congress, Austin is a place where wild delicious dreams come true. Austin is the only place where folks can go out to eat at Bacon. Yeah, that’s right, a restaurant called Bacon, serving every meal with a bacon twist. This past weekend I had the joy of indulging in an outstanding entrée of chicken and waffles with bacon. This is something most Americans wouldn’t be able to walk down the street to in cities other than Austin. Disagree? I`ll talk about how organic Hopdoddy`s Burger Bar is, or how delicious 24 Diner is, even at 2 am. There’s no match to Austin’s diversity in food choices, anywhere. I’m sure by now you’re already packing your house away and calling the movers to schedule a pick up date, but that’s not even all of the greatness Austin has to offer. I haven’t even expressed the luxury of living in the city. Imagine pulling up to an apartment in a gated community, driving into the garage, and walking into the chef inspired kitchen, fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, accent lighting, and Tuscan themed countertops and cabinets. Of course the home will be eco-friendly with led lighting, high efficiency faucets, and designated cabinets for compost and recycling bins. In the living room residents will be welcomed to a patio that overlooks the city skyline. The patio on your apartment isn’t big enough to tan with friends on. That is why nearly every apartment complex in Austin is home to a resort style recreational pool