The Traditional Wife Essay

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The Traditional Wife In recent eras, the world started to instance the women’s rising in various fields. Women nowadays play an important role in the society. They are no longer the men’s followers as they used to be in the past generations, they contribute to the decision making effectively as we start to see some women running very high positions in governments like Miss Hilary Clinton who was the United States secretary of state from 2009 till 2013. With these effective roles that the women are playing in societies nowadays, there would be definitely a huge change in their roles at homes as wives. Wives’ roles now have absolutely changed compared to their roles in older cultures where they now exploit their rights freely, yet other cultures still consider married women as housewives. There are many differences between the wives’ roles nowadays and their roles in the previous cultures or generations. The wives had always been known as the partners who are responsible for most of the housework, but now this idea has changed. The wives now is almost on the same level of their husband when it comes to housework, chores, or duties at home. They don’t have to take care of every single detail of their husbands and be their followers. Wives nowadays are just helpers to their husbands, and not maids for them as they used to be. Wives’ main roles at home are no longer limited to keeping track of the children’s doctor appointments, cleaning the house, cooking, and doing the laundry. Modern wives nowadays tend to have the same level of independency that their husbands have, they both go to work, and they both take care of their children, they work together to arrange the house, wash the dishes, and do the laundry. The regular house chores are not anymore the wives’ duties, but they are the two partners’ duties. Marriage nowadays is a partnership between husbands and wives, no one is the leader and no one is the follower, Conrad McDonald in his article Traditional marriage model needs to submit to modern world stated, “They share the responsibility equally to face life's ups and downs, and cope together. The man may lead as they muddle through, or the woman may take that role.” And if that meant anything, it shows how wives had shifted from what they were known as to the modern wives they have become now. Although present wives share duties with their husbands, they are still expected to be in charge of the most of the housework. The washing detergents’ commercials for example are always introduced by women, which suggests indirectly that the displayed materials are only used by women and therefore wives. Wives like to care about their houses, they like to keep it tidy and neat that’s why they tend to willingly start doing all the housework without waiting for their husbands. On the contrary, most of the men don’t feel that the housework is their job, they are lazy and sluggish when it comes to housework. Husbands prefer to order food instead of cooking for example, that’s why cooking is always expected to be done by the wives because if they didn’t cook they will end up eating fast foods, or they will be forced to have some flimsy and not good food prepared by the husbands. In addition to that, the wives’ relation with their kids are always more sensitive and delicate to what it is with their fathers, for this reason wives have to be always by their kids, take care of them and fulfill their…