Essay on The Tradtional American

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The United States has been built on immigrants from the very beginning. Many people here can trace their ancestry back to another country. The only “true” Americans are the Native Americans. Every person in the United States has a heritage from another country somewhere along their family tree. So why are Americans so easy to judge people by their color of skin, the way they dress, or the way they talk? In reality no “American” has the right to judge someone else, when he is not fully American.
The cliché of “hey you’re in America, now speak American” is an invalid statement because Americans speak English not American. Yes, people from other countries should have to learn English but no, they should not have to lose their own language. When an American moves to a different country he learns the native language there, but does not forget English. It should be the same way when people move here. It is amazing that schools and businesses operate in all the different languages it takes to communicate with others because it is not very easy for someone to move here and immediately know the native language. Moving to America is a choice many people make because there are so many opportunities here, and those opportunities should not be narrowed because of the language barrier. When someone makes the choice to move to America, he should not be expected to change his ways. He should be allowed to keep his native heritage. Americans could learn something useful from an immigrant instead of being so judgmental and not even giving a person a chance. Immigrants could bring America many new things such as new clothes and music. When an immigrant moves here he is expected to follow the law and pay taxes just like every American. There should not be any difference between Americans and immigrants when it comes to paying for items. Immigrants go to jail just like Americans do when they do something wrong like being intoxicated in public or even murdering someone. If Americans never give other people respect how can they expect to get respect from them? Immigrants should not be forced to be just like Americans. If they were meant to be