The Tragic Train Crash Essay

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Tragic Train Crash By: Madyson Jones
As you all know from the news there has been a tragic train crash. Many died on that train and only five survived. Out of those five, two are badly injured, and three just have a few cuts and bruises. These five people are very lucky to be living facing the fact of how many people didn’t survive. I got the pleasure to talk to one of the FBI agents who is finding clues to solve this mystery on why the train crashed.
“Have you found any clues on why the train has crashed?” I said
“We may have found a few clues but I cannot release what they may be yet” She answered
“Okay I have one more question have you gotten any clues from any of the survivors because don’t you think it is a little suspicious that a total of five lived, maybe one of them had something to do with it?” I ask mysteriously.
“We have found finger prints but have not had time to investigate it yet or see who it matches” she answered quite disappointed in herself and her other FBI colleagues.
I also got to talk to two of the surviving passengers. This is a pleasure for me speaking of which at least there are survivors from this train crash. I got to speak with a woman and a man that are a married couple but lost their daughter in the train crash. Here they are now.
“Mam can you please describe how you felt when you finally realized that your child was either missing or dead?” I asked adding at the end my…