The Transition From High School To Adulthood

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As you prepare to make the transition from high school to college and from adolescent to adulthood, take a moment to reflect on where you have been and where you are going. Going off to college is apart of life, and almost everyone go through the diversity that the college life has to offer. To quickly prepare yourself for what lies before you, you should prepare yourself mentally and physically while in high school. High school, is the level of education that prepares you for higher levels of learning. You are equipped with the general knowledge such as Math, English, Science and other subjects to ensure that you survive required college curriculum. These two diverse environments can be compared and contrast in numerous ways.

While in high school, students are often "held by the hand" and more relaxed, because the requirement of responsibilities does not weigh on them heavy. For example. turning in a homework assignment late to your teacher. Often, teachers allow you to turn in assignments with a valid excuse, or they accept them without a valid excuse out of kindness of the heart. College, on the other hand is very much different; excuses are rarely accepted and you are expected to take on a greater
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Teachers often make school personnel aware of such behavior being performed by the student. They often go the extra mile to get in contact with the students' parent, so that they do not fall behind is the course. Some teachers required a note from the parent in order to make up missed classwork. In college, professors could care less whether you come to class or not. If you are not there to receive the lesson being taught, that just simply means that you could possibly fall behind, which would result in a failing grade in the class. At this point, you should think smart and withdraw from the class, rather than placing a negative effect on your overall grade point