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The Treaty of Versailles

It was the end of World War I. Germany has been involved in, and lost a war that would not only change the people involved but the world forever. The allied powers or the countries that defeated Germany are furious. They blame Germany for starting the war and causing harm to their countries. They want revenge. They write a treaty stating Germany is responsible for the war and must pay for the damages they’ve caused. The treaty takes away Germany’s land, people, and belongings. It was sometime after the war when the allied representatives met in Paris at the Palace of Versailles. The meeting was set to discuss and come to an agreement as to what they were going to do with the losing countries of the war or the Central Powers. Woodrow Wilson (US President at the time), David Lloyd George (Prime Minister of the UK), Georges Clemenceau (Premier of France), and Vittorio Orlando (Prime Minister of Italy), were known as the “Big Four.” They were the leaders of the winning countries, and they were the main people involved in deciding the fate of the Central powers. Before the Treaty of Versailles was even written, many of the Allied governments had already made secret treaties with one another, dividing Germany into colonies. Other Central Powers were also to be divided up. President Wilson disagreed with the secret treaties and did not want any of the terms to be carried out. In fact he wanted to help Germany in forming a democratic government. He felt it would help prevent wars from happening in the future. During WWI there was much devastation done to Germany and the other countries involved. Almost 10,000,000 soldiers died around the world as a result of the war, and Germany was blamed. They Treaty of Versailles not only said that Germany would have to pay for the damages done to the winning countries, but that they would also have to pay for the damages done to the other countries. Many things were taken away because of the treaty. Germany lost 16.7% of its farmland, 12.5% of its livestock, and 10% of its factories. That reduced Germany’s trading, eliminated its navy and made its army very venerable and small. Not only did the winning countries take from Germany but other countries around the world did as well. France took Provinces of Alsace, Lorraine, and German coal mines in the Saar Region for…