The Treaty of Versailles Essay

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The purpose of the Treaty of Versailles was to ensure future peace in Europe; however the outbreak of World War II is evidence to the fact that the treaty was ineffective. The ineffectiveness of the treaty can be blamed on the creators of the treaty itself rather than on a problem with the treaty. During the making of the treaty the makers were trying to insure peace but they didn’t recognize the importance of fair treatment and representation of all nations including Germany. The Treaty of Versailles in itself was not the issue; the main problem was the liberty that the creators of the treaty took with it. The measures taken were in effect reasonable but the development of the League of Nations is in fact where the problem laid. The League of Nations was responsible for implementing punishment upon Germany for its part in the outbreak of the First World War. They forced Germany to take the soul responsibility for the outbreak of the war but it truly wasn’t just Germany’s fault. All nations that fought in the war had some role in what happened and should have been held responsible for the part they played. They forced Germany to reduce their military to an extent far greater than what was expected of other nations under the treaty and did not consider the economic consequences of such rapid demilitarization. In addition to demilitarization Germany was forced to pay reparation that they truly could not afford and had to go into debt to the US to pay. The reparation was higher than they ever should have been and they demolished Germany’s economy. All of these actions led to conditions in Germany that were truly horrid, worse even than what was