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Versailles Optional session: Chreia

Chreia: “The failure of any nation to adopt humane conditions of labor is an obstacle in the way of other nations which desire to improve the conditions in their own countries.”

I. Panegyric: After providing us with this quote among many others, as well as creating the fourteen points, Woodrow Wilson has become one of the most influential (not to mention popular) writers of the Treaty of Versailles.
II. Paraphrastic: The failure of many other nations who wish to improve their conditions economically is a result of a nation refusing to adopt any humane conditions of labor.
III. From the Cause: Woodrow Wilson was motivated by the cause of war. Wilson's fourteen points, as well as the remaining articles in this treaty, were inspired by war.
IV. From the Contrary: If the opposite of this statement occurred, disaster would most likely be kept at bay. If a certain country adopted the discussed humane conditions of labor, obstacles could be avoided.
V. Analogy: This statement is similar to the cause and effect fallacy discussed in the Art of Argument. Something happens as a result of something else. In this case, the inadoption of humane labor conditions result in obstacles for other nations.
VI. Example: An Example of this quote in modern times could be the war in Iraq. Because the leaders were manipulating their power and forcing people to do things or not to do things, America interfered, and we attempted to stop this persecution among civilians
VII. Testimony of the Ancients (Bible Reference): In Matthew chapter twenty, a contract laborer is seen laboring out in the fields harvesting grapes. The reason I picked this particular…