Essay about The trouble with Texting

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This article was about the problems that come about from texting and the use of social media to communicate instead of doing it face to face. Human being all are different and have different tones, pitches, facial expressions and only a slither of that could possibly be translated in a text. Professor Mehrabian found that 58% of communication is done through body language, 35% through vocal tone, and only 7 % through the content of the words used. Communication is such an essential factor to the success in a relationship and you’re wasting more than half of your methods used to convey yourself by exclusively talking over text. The author found the reason people chose to talk over text is due 3 main reasons. One being to avoid awkward or potentially vulnerable situations. Others being to have control over the conversation or simply to expend less energy or time. It’s so much easier to press send in a difficult conversation than to deal with someone face-to-face.
Relevant psychological concepts: This study involves attention bias like when people are able to apply the Filter Effect and only respond with replies that don’t require much though and where you can easily predict what the person wants you to say. The Social-Cultural Perspective affects society’s attitudes of texting. The youth tend to look at texting more favorably than older generations not so accustomed to technology. Those who text a lot are more likely to answer their phone during the night and this could lead to an accumulation of Sleep debt. Texting could be an example of the working of a parallel conscious because it doesn’t require a lot of effort and enables you to multitask. Having an actual face-to-face conversation with someone…