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A boy named Allan is about to take a test. The problem is that he had no idea what the test was about or when it was. He was never handed review sheets and the teacher seemingly hates him. During the test he finds himself talking to his inner voice while also trying to drown out the blatant cheating of the other students around him. He loses his answers and losses his place and never understands the question. Eventually he ends up waking up in his room where his mother finds him studying. Little does he know that his teacher is right there to snap him back to reality from his little daydream. When he is focused again he finds himself only having a few minutes left to answer the final questions. In the end the test seems to be his final and that the test was all a test for the government and the law.
Alan- The main focus of the show. Alan shows major stress over the test and should be played as a average guy just trying to pass the test he was never ready for.
Lois- The word of reason. Lois is allan’s good friend and during the show she tries to come him down and give him the words he needs to do the best he can on the test.
Mother- Mother of allan. During the show towards the end allan slips into a daydream where he sees his mom waking him up at home. Small character may be able to play by teacher
Teacher- a to the book teacher who seems to have an attitude towards allan. Can be played by male or female
Evan- The smartest kid in the class
Chris- The kid that always wants to know what time it is and knows all the answers to the teachers questions. Can be played by male or female
Pat- a kid in the classroom. Can be male or female
Chorus- during the inner monologues of allan there is a chorus who acts out what allan sees. All though specified as separate characters in the show the chorus can be played by evan, chris, and pat
The voice- the subconscious voice inside allan’s head. Can be played by male or female
Since this play takes place in